4hours of break again!!

Pennie *cacated* & Su-Woei Had our lunch at Face to Face again! Headed to snowflake for dessert after that! I’m addicted to the Soya snow and the bestseller Toroball!! *Slurps*
We reached there at 12.30pm and we noticed they open at 1pm. Since the weather was so hot, I suggest to stay inside car for while. *TeeHee* Since I got nothing to do, I “DIG” my coins in my car!Gold Coin = Australia Perth Aqua World coin
Silver Coin = Aussie 20centDSC03740-tileSGD 1 and RM 1!
Snowflake Class start at 3.15pm and I reached at 2.50pm!
Muahahahaha!! I’m early!! Spotted this pair of Mickey and Minnie in the car park next to me!
Isn’t it cute?? =D Current iPhone wallpaperIMG_0808



Stressed out

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