Season Parking

Since I’m having 4 hours break on Tuesday and Thursday, season parking is really important for me because I always drive out for lunch with my friends. It’s really hard for me to get a parking after I come back for lunch because Sunway parking lot are FULL always. I applied the season parking since January and I was the 60th in the waiting list. *Smacked Forehead* I wonder how long I need to wait?

So yea, I received an unknown call yesterday when I was having class. At first I ignore the call, but the fella call again and I picked up the call. He told me that it’s a call from sunway and asked whether I still interested on the Season parking. I was like, YES, of course! Then he kept on asking me questions while the lecturer is teaching in front. It’s impossible for me to answer his question one by one. I gonna get screwed by the lecturer if I get caught. So I told him I will find him in Financial Department later.

Alright! Finally I get my Sunway season parking! I guess I just gonna use it for a month, because after that will be my MOCK exam and follow by EDC/EFC class(Revision Class). Which means I wont be going back to college everyday. Even if I have classes, I’ll have to reach college before 8am for sure and there wont be any long breaks. 

Btw, the season parking fees has increased from RM40 to RM50/mth. It’s an indoor parking lot and located beside the Sunway Condo, kinda far from the campus. I wont apply for it if I don’t have the 4hours break!

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*GOOD NEWS* I gonna “DROP” my P Licence on
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