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02 March 2010 (Tuesday)

From now on, my timetable will be damn suck. Class will be on Monday to Thursday. 3 days are start at 8am, 1 day start at 11.45am and end at 6.15pm for EVERYDAY!! Besides that, I gonna have 4HOURS break for 2days!! That’s terrible!! I got to jam all the way back from Sunway. It takes me more than an hour! By the time I reach home will be around 7.30pm.

Alright, forget about the complaint part. Gonna share some photos I took during break time with you guys here. =)


Come back from pyramid after lunch with my friends.

I spend 40mins to get a parking space. D=
Ate Tako Tao inside my car. YUMMY!    It was freaking hot outside.
Zombieeeee vs Plant!! COOL?! LOLS
I know that I’m not cool at all. Going to rain soon! *random* My hair
LOOK!! This is what happen in Sunway College Parking Lot always!
Jam!! Too many cars come in but no parking and everyone go wrong direction. End up, everyone stuck there. CAT! My car keychain! Reflection of my sunglasses.  




If we ever meet again.
When will be the next?

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