It was Wednesday!

As I mention my hair turns to wavy and I don’t like it. The only way to solve this problem is to curl myself by using the curler or go saloon to make it straight. So yea, went saloon on yesterday morning and blow it straight. I miss my straight hair so much, but at the same time I love curl hair too! So I keep asking my friends about which hairstyle suits me more. End up it’s 50/50. Straight looks young and curls looks elegant. At the end, I decided to curl it again and I will straighten it next time or maybe next cny? =D


Took this photo at 4pm+. Not that straight thou.
It was very straight at the morning!DSC01115 DSC01117 
Break time! Ice-cream! *slurps*DSC01120 
Feel like the time turns back to highschool.
Brought Domino out for a walk at the evening
but who knows I bitten by it at night *face palm*
Bii~ BabyChubby!DSC01139 




To be continue.. =)

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