26 March 2010

Went for injection after class today. At first I decide not to go but my friends and mum keep asking me to go incase of any infection. So I ended up going alone after class because its just a small matter and I don't feel like troubling anyone. The doctor and nurse was shocked when I told them that I was attacked by my dog. I wondered why everyone gave a big reaction! Just 2 wounds and some scratches, nothing much. Btw the needle is damn freaking long! Its longer than 1 inch. OUCH! I still feel the pain now!

Owh ya! I haven't mention why I got bitten by Domino. It happened on  Wednesday night when I opened the door for my sister. She was carrying a big box and Domino was trying to run out from my house so I tried to stop it by pulling it back. Who knows it started to attack us! My sister was stunned! For me, the only thing I know is how to defend because it keep jumping up and I got bitten by it!! I was really scared! I had never been attacked by dogs before and the attack was by my own dog. WTF? uhh~ Both of us was really shocked and don’t know what to do. Then my sister kept on shouting and asked my dad to come out because it will only listen to my dad’s instruction, but it was  really fierce that time even my dad can’t really control him. My dad was asking me to run but once I run the dog will start chasing me and my mum kept asking me not to run and to stay put! I was crying and I don’t know who should I listen too. OMFG I the last time I cried was …. (long time ago LARH! I couldn't rmb).


The doctor said it can last for 10yrs. *Touch wood* Which means I don't have to go for injection again if I got bitten by animals!

Look at the bottom right. D=

Antibiotic & the cream to apply on the wound.

*Random* The aquarium in the clinic.
I wonder why the black fish keep sucking other fishes?
It’s because of the aquarium too clean?! LOLS

Am I independent?
Definitely YES!

I was late for class today due to waking up late in the morning because I slept at 2am yesterday! =X I dare not enter the class halfway so I decided to sneak in during break time. Normally the lecturer will give 15mins break in 1hr but who knows that he gave break at 10am! Which means I just attended 1hour class today!! OMFG~

There was a cat behind my car. HEH

Break light! HAHA It was staring at my car. LOL 
Too bored MARH!




Lunch Time
Went for lunch with sister after injection. Did you notice something different? Yes, that’s my sister car! Her TRD is back and I was driving her car! =D Black and Red~



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