New Pets - Border Collie

Gonna get a new dog in few days time. I was shocked when my dad told me about it. I shouted HUH?! with a big big mouth =O and my sister keep laughing at my shocking face! Unexpected! I guess there will be a world war soon. My mum will keep nagging, nagging and nagging day and night. Can you imagine how scary it is? I hope my dad could settle it by himself! LOLS Btw, it’s Border Collie aka Sheep Dog! =)

Border Collie Border Collie (3) Border Collie (4) Border Collie (5) Border Collie (6) Border Collie (7) Border Collie (8)The puppy I getting will be exactly looks like this!
Brown + Blue eye
Special right? =) 
Border Collie (9)
Border Collie (10)
Anyway, I still LOVE CHUBBY the most!!
♥ you baby!



It’s late at night and I can’t sleep
Missing you just runs too deep
I can’t forget every single moment we spend
This aching heart ain’t broken yet.


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