My Elephant – A Thai Restaurant

I’m a person that constantly crave for something that are sour and spicy. Thai food definitely fits the criteria. *Slurps*

Headed to SS17 for dinner with my sister on Wednesday(10.02.10). Actually we wanted to go there since long time ago, but unfortunately we failed for 3 times. The first time was last monday, but then it was closed. Second time was because it was after lunch hour and they were closed for break between 2.30pm till 6pm. Third time was because it was fully booked! *smacks forehead* The restaurant is located humbly in a residential area. It makes me curious on why it’s so famous.

The restaurant was at a full house when we arrived as we didn't make any reservation. So yea, we waited for about 15mins. I guess it’s considered kinda fast. Anyway, we enjoyed our dinner. I would rate the food at a 9/10!

 DSC03321 DSC03313DSC03303DSC03307Pandan Cooler – It’s the best seller.
DSC03310Dessert of the day
DSC03306 DSC03316DSC03312 Plah Meuk Chup Peng Tod - Tempura Squid Served with Semi-Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce. 
DSC03315myElephant Tom Yum Seafood - SUPER Spicy Tom Yum with Aromatic Fresh Thai Herbs *HOT*
Eggplant - That’s my favourite!



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