Killed by Exam

Just finish 1 paper today, 3 more papers to go. But I’m already in CNY holiday mood, no mood to study at all. Just stare at the books and doing nothing. Plan to crap as much as I can. Anyway, today’s paper was fine. Just bluff my way thru for the theory section and throw everything in for the accounts. LOLS~ Surprisingly it balance! But I not sure whether question 2 correct or not. =3

Went Fullhouse for lunch before exam. Teehee! Try to flip few pages but they serve the food so fast! I haven’t even start to read my notes. It should be good or bad service?! LOLS!

DSC03238 DSC03243 DSC03242 DSC03240Party time?! I’m waiting for CNY!!
I need $$!! LOLS

Went library 30mins before exam. OMG! My friend brought McDonalds french fries to library. Damn HERO! End up I just keep eating. =p

Me and Fifa Nurul. *POSER*
French Fries!! I’m Lovin it!!



My Korean friend is taking Mandarin Tuition now.
It’s her workbook. She asked me what’s the answer.
I was like, “ME ME ME!! My car very nice. XD”

Current favourite song,
Try by Asher Book.
If I say you're the one, would you believe me?
If I ask you to stay, would you show me the way?
Tell me what to say so you don't leave me.

So nice to text with iPhone!!
Just like MSN!!
IMG_0726 IMG_0724

Cotton Candy?! XD


Okay, that’s all for today. Time to rest!






Few months later?

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