2 Feb 2010

It was Tuesday, 9hours of class again. So tiring, I need to take some rest and sleep earlier at night. But as usual, plan failed. End up just sleep for 4-5 hours per day. That’s why I looks much more older now with a pair of panda eye. Argh! “I don’t like it!!”(my korean friend favourite LOLS) Btw, I guess I will sleep very early if I study oversea. I love the weather in Aus! *thinking* X3

Thanks Gab for coming sunway pyramid to accompany me for dinner again. So yea, we went Fullhouse again. I guess he know that I love that restaurant a lot. But still I prefer the branch at NZX. Sadly, it closed down last year and shift to sunway. It’s okay! I found that there’s another branch at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng! It’s so freaking nice, the exterior design looks like a bungalow instead of a restaurant! BUT I don’t know the way. Wait!! It should be I don’t know KL road at all and I don’t want to get lost in KL again! I wont be so HERO to explore KL road LOLS! The only place I know how to go is Pavilion! Don’t laugh kay? I very familiar with PJ road. =p
*I’m waiting for people to bring me there!*

Given by the security guard in Sunway when I enter the parking lot.
Security Tips!

Valentine’s Day Package! Damn expensive!! RM150+ per couple. My goodness! Last year was RM60+ per person, which means RM120+ per couple and they serve the normal food on the menu. It just cost around RM50 during normal day. I swear I wont go Fullhouse for Valentine’s Day again. Anyway, I’m single. Don’t need to worry about it. Thanks god that this year CNY falls on Valentine’s Day!! WOOHOO!! XD


The Menu

DSC03224DSC03218DSC02612 menu 1 menu 2 menu 3menu 4DSC03221 DSC03226
They named it as Petit Four. Isn’t it cute? ^^
DSC02621 DSC02618DSC02619    DSC03225 DSC02631 DSC02630
I love the heels so much. But I got no chance to wear.
It reminds me that I have a pair of 4inch white heels still inside the BOX. =(  DSC02629 DSC02626 DSC02625 DSC02624 DSC02623DSC02635DSC02640 DSC02639 DSC02638

Pennie & Gabriel
He looks much more better in brown compared to gold hair.


Last year during Church Anniversary.
Big difference right? LOLS


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