Dinner on day before Chinese New Year 团圆饭

Happy Chinese New Year! I’m pretty busy nowadays. Keep going in and out, up and down. I wanted to update so badly but time didn't allow me to do so. It’s 1.10am now, I suppose to sleep but I’m chatting on msn and blogging here! LOLS So yea, let’s talk about the dinner on day before CNY. That’s what we call 团圆饭(Tuan Yuan Fan) in Mandarin. Same like previous years, we had dinner with my uncle family in restaurant again. =)

DSC03373 DSC03376My cousin brother and my Sister.
He is Standard 6 this year but taller than my sister!
DSC03370Brother-in-law and my Sister! 
DSC03371 Me and my sister!! XDMy family! <3
DSC03378My dad’s brother family. =)
DSC03387DSC03380DSC03384 DSC03388OHH!! It was my 3rd time to “lou sang”.
There will be the 4th time for sure! D=
DSC03392 DSC03393Shark Fin! One of my favourite =)
DSC03394Whoops! That’s all for the food photo I took.
I was busy eating that time. Sorry!
DSC02953  I receive this msg when I was having dinner.
My goodness! I can read, type and speak CHINESE kay?! ==”
I wonder why my friends thought I’m Banana.

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