Day 2 in Taiping


That’s ME!! Just wake up without make-up. ==”
Come back at 4am+ and wake up around 8am+.

My dad went out with his friend at the early morning. He ask me and mum eat lunch ourselves and left the car for me. I was like, you think I know the road in Taiping?! *OMG*
Fine, I got no choice. Since my mum wan to try the “Hokien Porridge” so badly, I force to drive there myself. It’s quite far away from my aunty house. But I DID IT!! XD
It’s located in MATANG, which is the opposite direction of Taiping. Means another town i guess?DSC03487 DSC03489 DSC03490 DSC03492 DSC03494 DSC03496 Prawn + Pork + Shark meatDSC03497 DSC03498 We leave Taiping around 6pm. JAM!DSC03501 DSC03504 DSC03506 YAY!! Reach my Aunty house in Ipoh around 7pm.
She prepared dinner for us. *Slurps* YUMMY~~
That’s the view from my Aunty’s condo balcony.
It was very windy. =)
DSC03510DSC03507 DSC03508
JAM all the way back to KL.

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