Day 1 in Taiping

First of all, this post will be a very long post with loads of photos. I hope you guys can bear with it. I celebrated CNY in Taiping this year! That’s my father hometown. It’s my 2nd time celebrating CNY in hometown and it was great!! But the HOT SUN drove me CRAZY. It was freaking hot! Every time when my friend ask where I wanna go, I will answer “Anywhere with  AIR-COND!!”. Owh yea, I forgot to mention that I have 4 classmates from Taiping. They brought me around Taiping during the last trip along with another 3 classmates from KL. Should I blog about it?! LOLS

Okay, let the pictures do the talking! I’m freaking lazy now!! Busy chatting XD

On the way back to Taiping.
DSC03403 DSC03404 I realize that I cant live without iPhone now!
It’s a must to bring it ever where I go!!
Btw, I have 016 number now
Friend, text me if u need it =)DSC03406 DSC03408 DSC03409 DSC03410

Finally I can take photo inside my car now!!
Because my father was the one who driving!!
But I don’t like it!! =/
The car is registered under my name and if my dad go against the traffic rules, I’m the one who will be getting summons and gotta say GOODBYE to my P Licence!! D=Btw, I going to say bye to my P Licence soon!!
12 march!! That’s my mum birthday as well!
DSC03420JAM!! Queuing for the toll.
DSC03424 Went hawker stall centre for lunch!! *Slurps*
Cheap & delicious
DSC03427 DSC03428*Some random shot*
DSC03430 DSC03431 DSC03432 DSC03434 DSC03435 DSC03436 My aunty house!!
Stay here with my friends during the previous trip =)DSC03439 *random*
The 1st time I charge my iPhone buy using charger instead of computer.DSC03440That’s William, the driver!
Thank you =) 
After we settle down, 3 of my classmates from Taiping bring me to Cafe Prima for a drink! 
DSC03444DSC03445 DSC03446 DSC03443DSC03448 DSC03450 My drinks, iced latte. It tastes good.
RM7.50 + 10% service tax + 5% gov tax
= RM8.63
Consider very expensive in Taiping.
I rather have a JavaChips in Starbucks!DSC03451DSC03452 Proud of his new car huh? LOLSDSC03453DSC03455Nice bungalow?!
O.O? That’s FUNNY! 
DSC03460Shu Pei trying to pose! HAHA!!
DSC03458DSC03462 DSC03463Went Matang for dinner with my family, aunty’s family, ShuPei & William! 
DSC03465 DSC03466DSC03467 DSC03472DSC03469 DSC03470 DSC03471 Headed to Tesco/Taiping Sentral(BM) to meet my mum’s primary school classmates from Singapore!! =DDSC03473 SGD angpau for me and ShuPei! hahahaha!!DSC03474Went for a movie at Taiping Sentral Big Cinema at 1.30AM!! LOLS
Before that, they bring me to somewhere near Taiping lake to see AGUA(shemale?!) It was a BAD experience. ==”
72 Tenants of Prosperity
The Taiping gang!
William, KheeHerng, ShuPei
KheeHerng is damn freaking tall!! 196cm O.O!!
DSC03475Took this photo during last trip!
I looks like a kid when i stand beside him!!
ShuPei & KheeHerngDSC03481 DSC01051Me and ShuPei.
I was exhausted!! But I got to wait for the movie start..
DSC01050Me & William.

Thats all for this post. Stay tuned for PART2!! I will try to update ASAP.

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