Yvonne’s Birthday

It’s Yvonne’s 21st birthday!! It falls on 4th of January(Monday), which is the 1st day of class for most of the student on this year. Therefore, she decide celebrate her birthday earlier on 2nd of January(Saturday).

At first, she plan to celebrate at Library, The Curve. But when I was on the way to The Curve, I receive a call from Yvonne about they want to change location because it’s boring and they wanna DANCE. So yea, we change the location to MOS(Ministry of Sound), Sunway Resort. Four cars speed all the way from The Curve to Sunway at 12am. Awesome!! It’s time for me to have some fun!! I love speeding!!

Unfortunately, MOS plan failed. They don’t allowed sleeveless shirts and three quarter pants. So we change plan again!! Since none of us are clubber and we not sure about which club is nice, so we just choose the nearest club. It’s either Coco Banana or Opera. The building and the sharp blue and red lights of Opera attract us. So end up we headed to Opera. We thought there’ll be a big dance floor, but NO there’s no dance floor at ALL kinda disappointed.

Overall, that night was fun. =) Everyone was exhausted!!
Here comes to the PHOTO:

Yours truly.
Meng Soon


The Birthday Girl, Yvonne.



MengSoon, Pennie, Yvonne, Nekmad.

I don’t have a full group photo. Sorry for left out JunDee and nekmad friend, Li Teng.


Happy Birthday to Yvonne!!
It’s a memorable day.


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