Up and Down

This will be a short post that FULL with photos! I’m freaking LAZY right now! X3

Went Pyramid after class with classmates for awhile and do some shopping! *Whoops, Again!*

They’re busy taking photo when I was driving LOLS
*Candid Shot*  Photo0636
Fifa & Me

Headed to The Curve after that to meet my friend for lunch! YES, Steamboat!! Went for a movie after that. Not bad =)

fame_diamonds fame_poster03

The Curve CNY decoration.





The cards are provided for you to write your wishes
and hang it on the tree! It’s FOC!! DSC03162
There are 4 types of colour. DSC03163
I wrote my wishes on the yellow card =)  DSC03168
That’s my card!! 

Jam Jam Jam
Used to it already. LOL
AFK 8111 XD
I got a feeling! WOOHOO~

LOOK!! It’s Mickey and Minnie. Bought them from Watson this afternoon. They just cost me RM2.90 each. Isn’t it cheap?! The original price should be RM6.90. But you can get it for RM2.90 each with any purchase of RM20 and above on a single receipt and you can buy a maximum number of 10!! That’s GREAT!! XD I Love it!!




Close my eye, so I can be with you.

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