Sunday, Shopping Time

10Jan2010, Sunday.

I’m currently very busy with my studies. I got no time to blog, just here to post up the photos that I took on Sunday. =)

Went church at the morning with mum. After that, went The Curve for lunch. Erm yea, STEAMBOAT again!! My favourite!! Ketam Steamboat. Yummy!!

DSC02710 DSC02711 DSC02712 DSC02713 DSC02714 DSC02715 DSC02716

Bought some accessories that day. Mum bought a pair of earring from Diamond Platinum and she bought a necklace and a pair of crystal earring for me from Bausch K. It’s okay, since i don't fancy diamond at all. BUT WAIT!! Except Diamond Ring kay. LoLS~

DSC02719 DSC02721 DSC02723 DSC02725

Bath the two little monsters at the evening. =D


DSC02729 DSC02738 DSC02739 DSC02741 DSC02743 DSC02747 DSC02750

Yours Truly.

Weekends is over,
back to study like no body business again!!

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