A Simple Day

15 Jan 2010 (Friday)

Class start at 2.30pm today!! Got a lot of time at the morning. I can take my own sweet time to get ready for class!! *Thumbs Up* Since I got nothing to do at the morning, my mum asked me to prepare lunch!! So yea, cook Mushroom Noodles together with mum. When we was cooking Chubby sit at the kitchen and look at us with a cute face!! Aww~~ So adorable!! *Muacks* I just can’t resist to take its photo!!


DSC02891Looks like a Furry Ball XD DSC02892  DSC02894 DSC02896 DSC02897
Smart Boy =D
So adorable!! ^^
Keep looking at mummy LOLS~
Turn back & say CHEESE!! XD *cute*
Me and BabyChubby!!
DSC02906 DSC02911

Ask sister come back for lunch =)DSC02912

Mushroom Noodle

DSC02915 DSC02917 DSC02919


That’s all for today!! It’s time for me to rest!! *wink*


I hope I could be like this everyday =)

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