Second Day of New Semester

Something goes wrong, especially my mood. I don’t know what happen to me again. Lots of drama nowadays. I’m tired of it. UHH~ My feelings is out of control, I don’t even know what I want now. GAHH~~~~ Feel very lifeless, keep studying only. I got no target or any objective. If I set graduate from ACCA as my target, then what is the next target after I graduate?! No idea at all.

Talked to my friend yesterday night when we was alone in college cafeteria. I told him about I very disappointed, I’m tired of everything and bla~~~~ Thanks for listen my complaints =) Feel much more better now!!
Lesson learned, do not simply promise people something.
Tired of DRAMA.

Okay, let’s talk about what happen yesterday & forget about the emotional part!!

Day before yesterday, I was discuss on msn with Su-Woei about what to eat for lunch. Since she said that she addicted to the PanMee, so LET’s GO!! Pick her up from college at the afternoon and headed to SS15 “Face to Face”(面对面) Restaurant. As you all know, it’s very hard to find parking at SS15 near AC. But I was very lucky!! I park right in front of the restaurant!! *Evil Laugh*

My SexyLady~ <3

Pennie & Su-WoeiDSC00890

My lunch =)
I still prefer Chilly PanMee at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.

Drive back to college at 2pm. Since there’s 30mins more to class start, I stay at the foyer and continue chat with Su-Woei. As usual, gossip time!! Talk about the same people again, it’s either xxx, xxxxx or xxxxxx. I think gossip is one of the best way to release stress and anger!! HAHA

When I was in the Foyer.

2.30pm!! Class start!! I pay FULL ATTENTION!! WOW!! Keep doing question instead of waiting for the answer and copy from the white board. So yea, everything enter my brain. Don’t need to do revision for that chapter anymore. =D

Break Time!!

Pennie & Sharon
She’s a SWEET GIRL <3

Sharon!! the Cute one =D 

I just realize that sunway college have bus to 1Utama ==”
DSC02699 DSC02696 

Class end at 5pm, JAM HOUR!! GOSH~ At first plan to go for dinner with Su-Woei but plan failed coz she can only come out at 8pm. 3hours!! How am I gonna spend 3hours alone!! End up went Pyramid with 4 classmates (Shen Hsing, Shu Pei, Winnie, Xue Li) =) Zanmai~ AGAIN ==” LoL It’s okay, I love Japanese food!! Teehee!!

Receive a lot of compliments about my new hairstyle. *HAPPY* Thanks for your compliment!! I love it too =D



I try my best to learn every single lesson on my life.
It’s precious, just once in a life time.
There’s no second chance.

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