Scratch My Car

After 9hours of class, I was very TIRED. It was 6.30pm, freaking jam and I don’t want to jam home!! Went sunway to meet gab, arthur and arthur’s brother for dinner after class. Unfortunately, I SCRATCH MY CAR!! MY FIRST CAR!! OMFG!!!! I was in a hurry and very blur. The parking lot was too small for my car cause the car beside it is touching the yellow line and I didn't notice!! End up, I scratch pole!! GOSH!! It’s all my fault!! Why can’t I estimate nicely?! Why don’t I park another parking lot?! WHY AM I SO STUPID!!!!

I'm so disappointed on myself. How can I scratch my car?! Even it's just 2 little scratch on right side of my bumper, but it's enough for my heart break into pieces. I feel like calling someone that time, but I wonder WHO CAN I CALL. Dad?! Mum?! NO, they will screw me!! Sis?! She will ask me to tell daddy and mummy. Friend?! WHO?! So Random?! Suddenly call a friend, tell him/her about i scratch my car and cry?! NO!! It’s impossible!! I’m STRONG!! I mean I’m trying to be strong.

After I park my car, I keep staring at the scratches at the bumper. I got no idea about what should I do. End up, I give up and went Subway to meet them. I told them about it and gab suggest me to buy the paint to spray it. So yea, went ACE Hardware to buy the spray and he help me to spray the scratches. It’s like invisible now, you wont realize if nobody tell you. But still the scratches are there. *sad*

Thanks gab for helping and comfort me. I'm thankful to have you as my friend. Thanks a TON!!

During Lunch Break


Lesson learned, don’t go anywhere if I’m tired. GO HOME AND REST!! Play songs louder to keep me awake and drive!! Need to be careful next time. =)

I know that my friends and family
will give me a hand whenever i need help.
But I’ll try my best to solve everything myself.
It’s my responsibility to solve my own problem.
Thank you~ *smile*

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