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25 Jan 2010 (Monday)

Took out few CDs that I burn for my car. Why?! My mum and sis told me that, the police will charge 2k per song if I get caught. What a shocking news. But still I keep 3 in car =X NO MUSIC = NO LIFE = NO SPEEDING. Yea, I can’t speed without music. LOLS~ The quality of CD is much more better compared to FM transmitter!!

DSC03110 DSC03111

Clean and rearrange everything in my car. So yea, it’s well organize now! I put on a seat belt for MINNIE!! Wait, I’m not mental kay. It’s because of it always fly here and there when I’m driving no matter where/how I place it.

Safety FIRST!! LOLS~



26 Jan 2010 (Tuesday)

Went 1Utama after class to do some shopping. Texted MichYee before I leave college but she didn't reply. Fine, go alone then. Finally I learned how to shop and high tea alone. Not bad actually! =) Bought some clothes from Forever 21 and Zara. *Satisfied* It was 5.45pm, time to go home. Received a call from MichYee after I paid for the ticket. She told me that she wanna shop as well!! I was SWT-ING. “Can’t you call me earlier? LOL, I just paid for the ticket. Must leave in 15mins.”, I replied. But she keep nagging. Fine, go Ikano then! I know that she want to eat Steamboat!! ME TOO!! We are Tom Yam Steamboat LOVER!! *SLURPS*

Gonna eat steamboat on tmr again!! XD
*Slurps Slurps Slurps*
DSC03129DSC03128  DSC03130

Btw, I hide my clothes in the car trunk again!! Just in case my mum nag me again. I bought lots of clothes lately. *WHOOPS~*

My sport shoe not bad huh?
It wont move at all no matter how I drive. LOLS

It’s 1am now, time to sleep! Show you guys the clothes next time =)

Yours Truly

lovely angel 

I know that I’m the One and Only. *Smile*

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