24 Jan 2010 (Sunday)

It was Sunday!! I suppose to go church, but I skipped. Whoops!! It’s because my friend from Singapore visit KL!! We know each other when I was travel to Singapore 2years ago. Time flies, everyone changed and we’re getting better and better. =D

We suppose to meet at 12.30pm at Pavilion and I finish get ready at 11.30am. It takes me about 40mins to reach KL, so I decide to leave my house at 11.45am. Since I got plenty of time after I get ready, I stay in living room and play with my doggie. Later on, I realize that the clock wasn't moving!! I was like WTH?! and run into my room to check my computer clock. IT WAS 12.36PM!! *SHOCKED* I leave my house immediately and drive as fast as I can. Reach KL in 25mins and the next problem is PARKING!! But I was very lucky, there’s a couple leaving!! Thanks, KIA~

Mr.VOLVO, wrong direction kay~ LoLDSC03063
Photo of the day.

CNY Decoration in Pavilion.
DSC03076 DSC03077 DSC03078
That’s me and Kacie!! =D

Went Lot10 for Lunch.
Dint take any photo of the food
We was starving and can’t resist the FOOD!!
DSC03084 DSC03085

Had our dinner at Tepanyaki. NO photo.
Busy eating and chatting LOLS~
Miss the Tepanyaki Chicken so MUCH!!
Used to eat at least once per week,
but now changed to STEAMBOAT!! XD


Pavilion Crystal Fountain, a new national landmark.
It is the Tallest Liuli Crystal Fountain in Malaysia
endorsed by The Malaysia Book of Records.
DSC03093 DSC03092
Kacie and her friends from SG!!
They are very friendly!! ^^
DSC03096 DSC03095DSC03097
Random =)

Before I leave, I send them to taxi stand. Thanks for the kind guard for helping us to stop the taxi. Since they can’t speak BM, I help them to ask the taxi driver about how much it cost to fetch them from Pavilion to the hotel and he offered RM20 because it was heavy traffic hour. I was like “HUH?! KL to KL cost RM20?!”. So yea, I try to bargain with the him. End up he charge them RM18. =) Btw, sorry for cant sent you guys back. Coz i really dunno the way!! I’m not familiar with KL road. All I know is how to go Pavilion, Lot 10, Low Yat, Sungai Wang and Times Square(actually all the shopping centre that i mention above is all walking distance ==” Which means I know how to go ONE place only!!).

So yea, I ciao after that and I was EXHAUSTED!! The parking fee at Pavilion consider cheap compared to other places in KL.

LOOK!! I park there for 9hours+!!
DSC03102 DSC03103

NEXT!! A very BAD THING HAPPEND!!! I was SPEEDING damn freaking fast and I MISSED THE TURN TO BANGSAR!! WTF?! I was looking at the signboard and I SHOUTED “OMG!!!~~ My house!!” The problem is not about driving alone at night and it’s because of my mum waiting for me at home!! *STRESS* I try to find my way home, but the signboard keep showing KUANTAN TOL!! MY Goodness. Malaysia signboard SUCKS TILL MAX!! The word PJ never appear before, not even once. I wonder how can I go home with this kind of signboards.. UHH!! Then I decide to ask for help at the near by Petrol station instead of follow those stupid signboard. Hmm yea, there’s a white saga there. X3 Time to ask for HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!!!!!

Our Conversation:
Me: Hi, do you know how to go PJ from here?
The Lady: Huh?! I don’t know. I’m not familiar with this place.
The Lady: HA!! You may ask my husband. *smile*
*Feel Better*
Me: Uncle, do you know the way to PJ from here?
The Uncle: HUH?! PJ?! How come you are here?!
Me: HEHEHE~ I speed to fast and miss the turn to PJ!!
*we laugh* LOLS~
The Uncle: You can follow my car then, since I’ll pass by the junction to LDP!!
Me: SERIOUS?! YOU’RE MY SAVIOUR!!!! (I’m not joking, I really said that!! =X)
The Uncle: LOLS~
(we speak in Cantonese)

DSC03107 DSC03108

I was freaking HAPPY! It’s like I saw the door to HEAVEN from HELL!! XD

So yea, I just follow him all the way from the *unknown place* to Bukit Menjalara (Kepong). YES!! Finally I know the way to go home!

He is SUPER DUPER KIND!! Before he leave, he stop aside to tell me the way to go home and I told him that I know the way to go home from here. Thanks a lot!! I was keep saying Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, NON-STOP!! I couldn’t describe how happy am I!! THANKS A TON!! I don’t know how could I go home without your help. You’re my saviour, seriously. Btw, I forget to ask for his hp number. The only thing I remember is his number plate!! LOLS~


Again, I realize that I’m a lucky and blessed person. Every time when I get into trouble, there will be someone to help me for sure. Thanks god, I know that you protect me always. =)

Once I reach home, the 1st thing mum said was “Haiyo! Look at the mirror and see how you look like!! Faster go sleep!!” EEK!! I was look like a ZOMBIE!! ==” *EXHAUSTED* I don’t dare to tell my mum that I go wrong way and come back from MRR2!! =X

Before and After.
Picture0409 Picture0425

OKAY!! That’s ALL!! Gonna sleep soon!!
Might blog about Monday and Tuesday tmr?
bear (3)

You're the best thing I never knew I needed.
When you were here I had no idea.
But now it's so clear I need you here always.
I must admit you were not a part of my book.
But now if you open it up and take a look,
you're the beginning and the end of every chapter.

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