Korean BBQ

22 Jan 2010 (Friday)

Since today class start at 2.30pm, me and my friend decide to have lunch at Junni’s mum restaurant. It’s a Korean Restaurant! YES!! Pork & BBQ!! That’s my favourite. The restaurant located at Mont Kiara Solaris. Just few doors away from Coffee Bean. Don’t worry about parking, there’s a building that have lots of parking at the basement opposite the restaurant and it cost me RM1 only. Isn’t it cheap? =)

DSC03057 DSC03058

My favourite soft drinks + sky juice

The Menu


Side Dishes

Next comes to my favourite!! *slurps*DSC03020-tile  *Thumbs UP*DSC03025DSC03021 DSC03029DSC03023  DSC03019-tile *Slurps Slurps Slurps ahh~* Delicious~ 
DSC03018-tileWaiMay, Pennie, SH

Btw, the parking lot is freaking small.
Just nice for my car. No extra space.
I wonder if I was driving bigger car..

Thanks Junni's mom for the AWESOME TREAT! We wanted to pay for the food but her mom insisted us not to. We tried to argue back but when she says in Korea this is a form of tradition and it will be considered rude if we don't accept it. She even used the word DISRESPECT. What a threatening word?! =O Btw, I ciao with BLOATED TUMMY!! XD

We leave the restaurant about 2pm and rush to college for class. The class supposed to end at 5.30pm. Due to the lecturer need to go for Sunway Annual Dinner, she told us that she will dismiss the class an hour earlier few days ago. AWESOME, finally I could skip the jam. But today, the 1st thing she told us was the class will be end at 3.45pm. I was like WTF?! Come all the way from Mont Kiara just for 1hr15mins class?? and we did 1 question 3/4 question only. What for attend the class then? Petrol + parking are not cheap kay? Waste my energy. =(

SH and Junni follow me home today. I keep yawning when I was driving. They was like, “PENNIE!! Don’t fall asleep and concentrate please!! We don’t want to die yet!!” I replied, “As usual LARH, normally I increase to volume 15 to keep me awake. LOL” They said, “OKOK, increase the volume as loud as you like.” No worries, friend. I drive home like this everyday =3  So far nothing happen!! TeeHee!!



No time for me to rest this week.
Saturday – Help Parents
Sunday – Shopping with SG friend at Pavillion!!
Monday – Exam =X + 9hours of class


The rain falls on my windows and
the coldness runs through my soul.
I don't want to be alone.

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