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20 Jan 2010 (Wednesday)

OMFG, I guess I going to die of physical and mental exertion soon. My brain is not working now. It’s full with numbers and theory. I need some time to digest everything before learn something new. My eye bag is getting bigger and bigger. FML! I sleep for 4hrs per day for few weeks already. Freaking tired. 9hours of class is DRIVING ME CRAZY!! Again, I wonder how the admin staff arrange the timetable. DAMN SUCK!!

I very easy get angry nowadays. Please don’t disturb me when I’m busy doing my stuff or else I will shout at you. I feel really sorry about that. I will try to control myself, but sometimes I can’t. SORRY!!!!

*Random* My petrol finish damn fast nowadays. I will be dead if my parents know that coz they will know that I keep SPEEDING!! What to do? I leave my house late always. The class start at 8am and I leave my house at 7.40am. OMFG, 20mins to drive from BU to Sunway at the morning. It’s a mission impossible!! =X

DSC02969 DSC02966

(Ignore my eye bag please ==”)

Me and DD =DDSC00942

Due to lack of sleep, my eye is getting dry. Can’t continue wear contact lens after class yesterday. What to do? Wear spectacles and go for dinner. FML. I dint walk out from my house with spectacles for YEARS!! It makes me looks nerdy. Gosh.. My highschool friend know that. I was wearing oval shape lens during that time. TERRIBLE!! LOLS~ I try my best to find all my old spec!! It should be 5 of them but another 1 is missing now. =/

Start from the bottom.
DSC02975 DSC02976

I spend a lot of time to find this photo!!
Finally, I found it on my old blog.
Try to spot me!!
(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Answer: 1st row, 3rd from left *smack forehead*

Took these photos by using Webcam yesterday(20 Jan 2010)!
Went out for lunch with this look =X
Picture0396 Picture0397 Picture0398 Picture0400

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life and
Appreciate what you have.

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