Busy Life

I’m physically and mentally tired. 24hours per day is not enough for me. I got too much things to do, but too little of time. Slept at 3am yesterday, before that I set 2 alarms at 6am and 6.10am but still I failed to wake up. The moment I opened my eyes it’s already 7.40am!! GOSH, I suppose to get out from my house before 7.30am!! It’s impossible for me to reach on time. End up, I decide to continue sleep and go for the 2nd class. I rather screw by my mum instead of the lecturer in front of my classmates. *yawn*

Mentally tired as in I can’t squeeze the theory into my brain anymore!! 9hours of class!! EXHAUSTED!!

I got no time to blog some more. Just manage to post up some photos. That’s all for today kay? =)

Random LoL
It’s the lamp in the classroom
Rainbow Colour =)


3 same bottles in class LoL
Jackie, Mine, Wsin

My Lunch ==”

Both of us again!! During break time =DDSC00915 DSC00916

Receive a msg from sister during the last class.
She laugh at me LoLS~
She know that I don’t like to eat dinner at home HAHA!!
Coz I need to wash plate =p

Jam home, again…. 

Louder pls!! Keep me awake!! LoL

It’s time to pump PETROL!!

I love the VIOS number plate!! WTF?! XD
Feel like changing number plate.

Full tank, faster pls…. I wanna go home so BADLY!!

Erm yea, gonna drop “P” soon!!


Okay, that’s all for today!! Ciao!!

In love with this lyric:


I never know that the ending will be like this.
Will there be another ending?

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