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Time flies, 3 weeks of holiday is over. I do enjoy my holiday. Travel, Shopping, FOOD, etc.. It’s FUN!! Besides that, lots of thing happen. Hmm.. Not going to talk about it here!! TeeHee!! Back to my topic!!

College life, I’m back!! Miss my classmates so much. Love ya!!love (13)
New semester, new building for Financial Course student!! Note it, for FINANCIAL STUDENT ONLY!! YES, AWESOME!! Finally we could leave the small little classroom and move to a new BIG classroom!! Everything is new and very comfortable. As we know, Financial Course student spend the longest time in class everyday. Average 8hours per day, i guess. Therefore, we need a better environment to study!! LoL

Here is the Classroom
Not bad rite?! We’re the 1st class to use this classroom XD
It’s twice of the size of our previous classroom


Yours truly and Afifah Dahlia.
Prettiest girl in my class XD
Pennie, Afifah Dahlia & Afifah Nurul.
Yea, there’s 2 Afifah in my class LoL


Wonder why there’s only 3 of us?! LoL Others was busy having breakfast in Cafeteria and we busy looking for the Washroom!! You know why?! Washroom is girl best friend!! OMG!! I love this washroom so much =X There’s a BIG MIRROR and nice lighting!! From now on, we could take nice photo in sunway washroom!! Whoops, I know that I’m over excited. LoLS~

Class end at 11am, i got plenty of time to hang around with my friend. Had lunch at Rock Cafe(Medan) with a group of friends. Saw those turtle again ==” swt face. I guess it’s Feng Shui, they colour/spray the turtle into RED colour since last year. So WEIRD.


After that, went cafeteria to print out some photo that I like to hang on my wall and change the photo of the photo frame on my table. =) Will show you guys how i hang tomorrow.

DSC02669 DSC02667


Car wash time!! I’m too lazy to wash myself. End up I ask my sister go with me. Before i get the car, I keep saying that I will wash my car at least once a week. End up?! HAHA My parents are right, it’s impossible for me to wash myself always. LoL

My sister and my car

DSC00886 DSC00888

OHH!! I just notice that I have a long holiday for CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! XD
AWW!! What a good news?! From 11th to 21th of February!! 11days of holiday!!! I’m so EXCITED!! I want ANG PAU!! I want DELICIOUS FOOD!!!!

love (7)


Back to College Life,
Gotta concentrate on studies!!
*Offline - Time for Dinner*

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