Another Busy Day

Sorry for late update, I REALLY BUSY NOWADAYS and now I sacrifice my sleeping time to blog. Lots of things happen actually, but again I got no time to blog about everything. But I’ll try my best to tell you guys what happened as much as I can!!

13Jan2010 (Wednesday)

It was Wednesday, class end at 6.15pm again. *smack forehead* I really feel like dying after 2 days of 9hours class. It was so tiring!! The class end at 6.15pm on Monday to Wednesday, 11am on Thursday (yea, now I love Thursday the MOST) & 5.30pm on Friday. 4 out of 5 days my classes end during traffic peak hours!! DAMN!! That's CRAZY!! I wonder what is the problem with the admin staff. The timetable SUCK weh!! *yawn* (keep yawning, damn sleepy)

Yours truly & Afifah Dahlia
(pls ignore my eye bags)

Next, Wai May’s Birthday!! Went Asia Cafe to celebrate her birthday!! =D
Unfortunately, when we was on the way to AC Sh car battery dead AGAIN!! Every time when there’s anyone  birthday (except mine XD) SH confirm got problem with his car. LoLS~ SO!! The “hero” me try to charge his car battery by using my car but we FAILED. No choice, gonna push it to aside and leave it there for a night. End up, The New Student Hao Chen need to be the driver, so I fetch him back to get his car. Btw, thanks for the kind mechanic who help us.

DSC02801 DSC02802 DSC00750 DSC00751 DSC00754  DSC00760 DSC00761

Whoa!! Full of books LoLS~DSC02805

It was playing “Meet Me Halfway” by BEP when I reach AC
1 of my current favourite song =D
DSC02806 DSC02808
COKE!! Favourite soft drinks!!
Vinny & ShuPei
DSC02814 DSC02817 DSC02824 DSC02825 DSC02828 DSC02831


After that, we headed to Snowflake(opposite AC) for dessert!! Second Round!! LOL

DSC02838 DSC02846DSC02847DSC02873
1st time ever I saw this “thingy” in Malaysia. LOL
Joanne, Vinny, ShuPei, HaoChen
Joanne, Vinny, Me, ShuPei

WaiMay, XueLi, ShenHsing, Me

Me and Wsin
(I look so cacat ==” I was very tired)

ShuPei, Me, HaoChen

Joanne, Me, Vinny

Me & ShuPei *thumbs up* =D
DSC02866 DSC02867  
Wsin and HuiYee LoL!!

When I was sending SH home & waiting for the traffic light we saw this!!
Left side WTF?! Right side WTH?!

It was 10.21pm after I finish sent everyone home!!
FUH~ Fly home!! I nidda get some rest!! =)


Yes, I will.
Can’t you see?
You belong with Me.

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